Cartoon Mosquito Patch Insect Repellent

Cartoon Mosquito Patch Insect Repellent


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*please PM to indicate designs when you check out. Otherwise it will be given at random :)


Suitable for Kids / Pregnant mummies

Bag is Resealable, 24 patches per pack

(Please keep it sealed, do not leave the bag open)


Ingredients: Extract essential oil, from plants, lemon oil, pure natural mosquito repellent components.


Last at least 4hrs. Stick on Clothes, Bag, Strollers, Hat, Mattress. Do not stick on skin!

Product is not edible. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!


Designs: 1) Doraemon 2) Doraemon Color 3) Hello Kitty 4) Hello Kitty Color 5) Cars 6) Mickey 7) Pooh 8) Stitch 9) Princess 10) Frozen