My First I Can Read  - Biscuit Book Bundle (23 Books)

My First I Can Read - Biscuit Book Bundle (23 Books)

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This set of 23 books in My First I Can Read series features Biscuit, a small yellow dog who always wants one more hug! Books at My First level are written in simple vocabulary with many sight words that children recognise. Repeated phrases allow young readers to read some words along with their parents. With whimsical illustrations, large print, and just a few short sentences per page, this level make a good choice for children who are learning to read.

Suitable for Age: 3-6


1) Biscuit
2) Biscuit Plays Ball
3) Biscuit and the Lost Teddy Bear
4) Biscuit Goes to School
5) Biscuit Wants to Play
6) Biscuit's New Trick
7) Biscuit in the Garden
8) Biscuit Wins a Prize
9) Biscuit Loves the Library
10) Biscuit and the Baby
11) Bath time for Biscuit
12) Biscuit's Day at the Farm
13) Biscuit Visits the Big City
14) Biscuit Takes a Walk
15) Biscuit Finds a Friend
16) Biscuit and the Little Pup
17) Biscuit's Big Friend
18) Biscuit Meets the Class Pet
19) Biscuit Feeds the Pets
20) Biscuit Flies a Kite
21) Biscuit Goes Camping
22) Biscuit and the Big Parade
23) Biscuit Loves the Park