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Magic or Science?

Magic or Science?

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Magicians pull off fantastic feats: Levitating a meter above the ground, charming a snake with a flute, finding lost objects with the help of a pendulum, swallowing a sword or walking on embers ... But how do they do it? Is it magic or is it science? Learn to question and discover how science can explain most of the secrets surrounding these amazing wonders.


Get ready to move to the other side of the mirror!


- One, Two, Three, Levitate!
- Pendulum, Astrology, and Other Prophecies...
- Reading Minds? Easy!
- Can You Sit on Nails or Charm a Snake?
- Breaking Metal
- Spirit, Are You There, Probably Not...
- Witchcraft?
- How Do You Walk On Coals Without Getting Burned?
- Beating the Odds
- How Do You Stick a Knife in Your Arm with Your Fingers in Your Nose?
- Phantoms, Ghosts and Other Spooks
- Images That Are a Little too Incredible...
- Bermuda: A Triangle that Doesn't Go Around in Circles
- Circles in Wheat Fields
- When the Oldest Man in the World was a Fake
- Go to Sleep!
- When the Automation's Too Good to Be True...
- Archaeological Mysteries
- Gold Makers
- Strange Constructions



Pages: 44
Readership: Children, young adults.