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Montessori Colored Globe - World Parts

Montessori Colored Globe - World Parts


The Colored Globe:
After children had an opportunity to work with the Sandpaper Globe, they can move on to the Colored Globe.


The Colored Globe is the exact same size as the Sandpaper Globe, but each continent is painted a different color, and there is no use of sandpaper. The oceans are the same painted blue.


In this presentation, instead of land and water, the children will focus on identifying continents with a specific color representing each continent. A Three-Period lesson is a helpful tool to give the children a strong vocabulary foundation, and the confidence to know the difference between continents and oceans.


Once the children have mastered their work with both the Sandpaper and Colored Globe, they will be ready for Puzzle Map work, beginning with the World Map.  You will notice the continents on the Colored Globe and the World Map are the same colors, giving the child that ‘aha’ moment of recognition.