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[Interlocking Discs] Montessori Infant Toy (Finger Grasping Toy, Motor Developme

[Interlocking Discs] Montessori Infant Toy (Finger Grasping Toy, Motor Developme


🚨 Note: Interlocking Disc Cannot Be Separated


The interlocking disks is a Wooden Montessori baby toy with two disks that are placed together at a 90 degree angle. It's a fantastic little wooden toy that is suitable for babies starting at a young age (as early as 3 months old).


For a start, it's a great grasping toy because of its size and shape. Baby can eventually use the interlocking disks to transfer from one hand to another. This requires some great wrist movement unlike so many other toys. Hand-to-hand transfer of objects has implications for the development of the right and left sides of the brain.


Finally, the disks become a great toy to get a baby moving! Because of their design, with a slight tap, the disks gently wobble away from a baby. This slight movement is just enough get a baby excited to "chase" after it, but not so much movement to lose the baby's interest or make it impossible to catch.


Suitable for Age: 3 months - 1.5 years+

Attention : Adult supervision is highly suggested