Children's Good Habits and EQ Development Audio Book Set

Children's Good Habits and EQ Development Audio Book Set

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Good Habits and EQ Development Book Series
10 Books per set


Set 1:
1. 知错我就改 (Learning from Mistakes)
2. 养成好习惯 (Cultivating Good Habits)
3. 会说道谢话 (Learn to Express Gratitude)
4. 从小有爱心 (Develop Kindness)
5. 自己的事情自己做 (Learning To Be Independent)
6. 从小懂礼貌 (Learning Manners)
7. 听妈妈的话 (Learn to Listen)
8. 从小讲卫生 (Develop Good Hygiene Practice)
9. 保护自己懂安全 (Knowing how to Protect Oneself)
10. 培养好品德 (Developing Good Moral Character)


Set 2:
1. 我不拖拉 (I won't Procrastinate)
2. 我不哭闹 (I won't Cry)
3. 我大度 (I am Generous)
4. 我友爱 (I am Loving)
5. 我坚强 (I am Strong)
6. 我乐观 (I am Optimistic)
7. 我独立 (I am Independent)
8. 我勇敢 (I am Brave)
9. 我诚实 (I am Honest)
10. 我自信 (I am Confident)


Set 3:
1. 我不挑食 (I won't be Picky)
2. 我爱分享 (I love to Share)
3. 我爱学习 (I love to Learn)
4. 我不浪费 (I am not Wasteful)
5. 我有好行为 (I have a Good Behaviour)
6. 我有好性格 (I have a Good Character)
7. 我爱劳动 (I love to exercise)
8. 我不攀比 (I won't Compare)
9. 我很孝顺 (I am Filial)
10. 我不马虎 (I am not Careless)


2-3 Stories per book
24 pages per book (Cover page included)
Scan QR Code to play audio stories. Great for bedtime stories! :)
With soothing background music.


Dimension: 15.6cm x 16.8cm
Suitable for Age: 2-6