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Montessori Golden Translucent Beads Decimal System

Montessori Golden Translucent Beads Decimal System


This set comes with:

1) 1x 1000 cube

2) 10 x 100 squares

3) 10 x 10 beads bards

4) 10 x single beads

5) wooden boxes and tray as in pic.


Montessori golden beads are golden beads, all the same size, that are used to help students understand unit quantities of tens, hundreds and thousands. A single bead comprises one unit, or a point. Ten beads strung on a wire indicates ten, or a line. One hundred is indicated by ten bars side by side, which makes a square, and one thousand is ten one hundreds stacked on top of each other, making a cube. You can use these various manifestations of these numbers to introduce the decimal system and, later, practice using it. This should be done after the child has mastered counting.