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Hundred Board (Classroom Size)

Hundred Board (Classroom Size)


This set comes with:

1) Number board : 33.5 X 33.5cm

2) Number tiles 1-100 : 3 X 3cm

3) A wooden box to store number tiles : 26 X 10 X 4.5cm

4) 1 control card and 6 question cards: 23 X23cm


Perfect for a Montessori classroom, made of premium woods.


The Hundred Board is a key Montessori Mathematics material, which helps children make the leap from the recognition of numbers, to understanding how they belong in a sequence. As the name suggests, it focuses specifically on numbers 1 – 100.


The Hundred Board material includes a blue wooden board divided into 100 squares, a control card with the numbers 1 – 100 printed on it, and small number tiles from 1 – 100 which are kept in a small wooden box.


Purpose: Children begin working with the Hundred Board once they have a clear understanding of numbers 1 – 10 and 11 – 20. This is usually around three or four years of age, depending on how quickly the child has grasped the concept of counting.


This material builds on the mathematical foundation created by earlier Montessori work, by extending the child’s knowledge of numbers to 100, and also helping them to understand number order. Through their work, the children are able to correct any mistakes independently, as the control card guides the activity. Made of Beech woods


Dimensions: refer to the photo Comes with a wooden box to store the number tiles (1-100).