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Mideer Domino Puzzle - Vehicle / Zoo Pals

Mideer Domino Puzzle - Vehicle / Zoo Pals

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Mideer Domino Puzzle:


2 Types:
 - Vehicle
- Zoo Pals


This game is designed to turn difficult concepts to be understandable and turned into a fun activity. The materials are made of sturdy cardboard.


Domino puzzle (Vehicle / Zoo Pals) is a fun recognition and number matching game from mideer. In most traffic / animal domino games, children match the complete traffic / animal. However, in mideer domino puzzle game, each domino card features 2 traffic / animal halves, strengthen your children's visual development. Children must first recognise the traffic / animals and then place down a domino that correctly completes one of the two traffic / animal pictures with the end pieces on the table. The background colour can also help young children to figure out.


Each player starts the game with six dominoes and the first player places a domino on the table. Each player then takes it in turns to match one of their dominoes to those already laid. The first player who has no dominoes left will be the winner.


Recommended Age: 3+
Size: 14 x 14 x 4.5 cm
Material: Cardboard