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Mideer Headbands - Let's Guess Animals

Mideer Headbands - Let's Guess Animals

$19.90 Regular Price
$12.90Sale Price

mideer Headbands - Let's Guess Animals


- Suitable Age : 6 Years & Above
- Content
      - 60 Pcs Guessing Card
      - 4 Pcs Card Band
      - 1 Instruction Manual
- Environment-Friendly , Non Toxic and Odorless Designer select colour
- 168 Gram Thickened Copper Card Surface Coated
- TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer Material
- Smooth & Straight Hand Feeling Round Corners & No Burrs


Children will learn the concept of winning and losing through play. When children communicate with others, they exercise their language skills. MiDeers's Let's Guess contains 60 Cards and 4 headpieces with an instructions manual. Cards include images of animals, foods and more. It is not only a fun game for family and friends, but it also promotes confidence and vocabulary by encouraging children to use words and actions to express themselves clearly. Simple gameplay, multiplayer interaction, easy to control, and improve social skills.




The aim is to guess which animal the player has on their head.


1. Each player chooses a coloured head band and puts it around their head with the clip for attaching the cards at the front. Each head band is made of two pieces of the same colour.


2. Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table.


3. Each player chooses a card and places it on their head without looking at it.    
4. The youngest player goes first. They can ask each of the other players two questions to try to guess which animal they are. They can only ask question to which the answer is "yes" or "no". 


If they guess the animal, they keep it he card and put another one on their head. If they don't guess correctly, the card stays on their head and the next player takes their turn. The first player to guess three animals and get three cards wins the game. The target can be changed so you have to guess 5 or 10 animals to win, or you could play all the cards and the winner is the person who correctly guesses the most animals.