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Montessori Colour Resemblance Sorting

Montessori Colour Resemblance Sorting

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The Colour Resemblance Sorting task is a popular exercise for recognising and sorting gradations of colour.


Learning Outcome:
- Develop the ability to distinguish colors
- Prepare for color contrast and combination
- Cultivate the beauty of color
- Develop the ability to control muscle movements.


First find the darkest and lightest two little human heads. and place the darkest color swatch on the far left. Then tell the child: I want to find the color of the same color in the rest of the villain. (In the process. you can find the color of different depths for comparison). After finding it. place it on the right side of the first villain and confirm it. Arrange the remaining villains in the same way.


This set comes in a divided storage box with a lid, and includes six natural-finish wooden inset block, six colour blocks and twenty-four coloured wooden skittles. The colour blocks come in pink, green, orange, blue, grey and purple with four different shades on each. The colours of the skittles correspond with the colours on the blocks and the student matches and arranges them accordingly.


6 colour blocks have four shades on each.
They come with a wooden storage box.