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Mr Men The Complete Collection Box Set by Roger Hargreaves [50 books]

Mr Men The Complete Collection Box Set by Roger Hargreaves [50 books]

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Expected availability - 1st week of Jan 2022.


Ever since the first books were published in 1971, Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men have been an enduring favourite with children (and parents!) of all ages. The likes of Mr. Happy, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump and friends must rank as some of the most famous characters in children's books - and this beautiful box set features them all! 


With a mammoth 50 books to enjoy and a simply gorgeous, foiled display case, this collection will keep young readers entertained for a long, long time to come. The bold, bright illustrations and simple storylines make the Mr. Men stories fun and appealing to return to again and again. 


Familiar characters like Mr. Strong and Mr. Messy's books are also included in this vast box set, which is just perfect for adults and children to read and share together.


Suitable Age: 2+ and above 
Total 50 books 


1. Mr. Tickle
2. Mr. Greedy 
3. Mr. Happy 
4. Mr. Nosey
5. Mr. Sneeze
6. Mr. Bump
7. Mr. Snow 
8. Mr. Messy 
9. Mr Topsy-Turvy
10. Mr. Silly 
11. Mr. Uppity 
12. Mr. Small 
13. Mr. Daydream 
14. Mr. Forgetful 
15. Mr. Jelly
16. Mr. Noisy 
17. Mr. Lazy 
18. Mr. Funny
19. Mr. Mean 
20. Mr. Chatterbox 
21. Mr. Fussy 
22. Mr. Bounce
23. Mr. Muddle 
24. Mr. Dizzy 
25. Mr. Impossible 
26. Mr. Strong 
27. Mr. Grumpy 
28. Mr. Clumsy 
29. Mr. Quiet 
30. Mr. Rush 
31. Mr. Tall 
32. Mr. Worry 
33. Mr. Nonsense 
34. Mr. Wrong 
35. Mr. Skinny 
36. Mr. Mischief 
37. Mr. Clever 
38. Mr. Busy 
39. Mr. Slow 
40. Mr. Christmas
41. Mr. Brave
42. Mr. Grumble 
43. Mr. Perfect 
44. Mr. Cheerful 
45. Mr. Cool
46. Mr. Rude
47. Mr. Good
48. Mr. Nobody 
49. Mr. Birthday 
50. Mr. Men: 12 Days of Christmas