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Mysterious Black Holes

Mysterious Black Holes

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This little book describes the past, present and future of black holes through a funny and engaging story involving Grandpa Louie, his two grandchildren and two of their friends.


During a beautiful sunny day on the beach, the children play, swim, enjoy their time, and ask a lot of questions to Grandpa Louie, a retired astronomy professor. Who better than him to tell all the secrets of black holes to a group of curious children? Who discovered them? What do "black holes" mean? Are There different types of black holes? How does a black hole form? What is his fate? How did scientists manage to "observe" these celestial bodies which, by definition, cannot be seen? At the end, we also bring up the subject of parallel universes, which could exist beyond the horizon of a black hole.


This book is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old.



Quasars Versus Galaxies:
A Black Hole at the Heart of Quasars
What's a Black Hole and What Does That Have to Do With Gravity?
How Does a Black Hole Form?
What Does a Black Hole Look Like and What Happens If We Fall into One?
How Do Scientists Observe Black Holes?
What's the destiny of a black hole?
Parallel Universes

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Pages: 72
Readership: Children 6-12 years old.