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WS Pop! Lit for Kids: (Journey to the West Complete Set) (3 Books Full Set)

WS Pop! Lit for Kids: (Journey to the West Complete Set) (3 Books Full Set)

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[Pop! Lit for Kids Journey to the West Full Set]

🔴 Are you ready for a journey you'll never forget?

🔴 Join Tripitaka, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and many other friends on a great adventure! Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, might be mischievous but he's fun to be with! Tripitaka gets kidnapped by demons all the time but he never gives up! Zhu Bajie has a lot of weaknesses but still he plays his part! Together, the friends have to battle monsters and outwit foes in order to complete their quest for the holy scriptures.

🔴 Packed with non-stop action and humour, this retelling is the perfect introduction to the famous Chinese classic, Journey to the West.

🔴 The story is complete with three volumes: Chaos in Heaven, Perils on Earth and Enlightenment.

🔴 Taking classic stories from Asia and the West, Pop! Lit for Kids reimagines them into easy-to-read stories that provide the perfect introduction to classic tales. The most well-loved stories from around the world have been adapted into a form that will excite and entertain children everywhere. Readers can embark on new adventures with famous beloved storybook characters. In addition, the books come to life with augmented reality features, giving readers an enhanced experience that they'll never forget!


3 Books Available:

1) Journey to the West: Chaos in Heaven

2) Journey to the West: Perils on Earth

3) Journey to the West: Enlightenment


Readership: 6–12 years old.