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Science Discovery Files - 10 Forgotten Stories of Incredible Scientists

Science Discovery Files - 10 Forgotten Stories of Incredible Scientists

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Science Discovery Files: 10 Forgotten Stories of Incredible Scientists tells real stories of scientific discoveries that you cannot find in textbooks or popular science books. The scientists featured are a diverse group, from female Chinese chemist Tu Youyou to William Beaumont and his handicapped assistant Alexis St. Martin, who helped pioneer studies into the human digestive system. Going beyond history, readers can also learn about the science principles behind each discovery! The backmatter includes additional information and further reading for curious readers.


Scientists featured:
Walter & Luis Alvarez
Alfred Wegener
Mario Molina & Sherwood Rowland
Tu Youyou
Henri Becquerel
Florence Nightingale
William Beaumont & Alexis St. Martin
Daniel Hale Williams
Arno Penzias & Robert Wilson
Henrietta Swan Leavitt




Earth Science:
Solving a Mystery with His Father (Walter Alvarez)
It Didn't Seem Possible (Alfred Wegener)


Averting a Disaster (Mario Molina)
An Ancient Chinese Remedy Gets New Life (Tu Youyou)
Purely by Accident (Henri Becquerel)


How One Nurse Saved Millions of Lives (Florence Nightingale)
They Struck a Deal (Alexis St. Martín & Dr. Beaumont)
The Barber's Son (Daniel Hale Williams)


The Answer Appeared as a Problem (Arno Penzias & Robert Wilson)
Mapping the Cosmos (Henrietta Swan Leavitt)



Pages: 132

Readership: Readers 7-12 years old. Students, parents, teachers, and homeschoolers will see it as a fresh alternative for teaching and learning science.